Heavy Duty Floor Tiles

TRUDEC Heavy Duty tiles are the perfect solution for warehouses, factories, showrooms, schools, garages and other areas where long-life, ease of maintenance, comfort, safety and fast, simple installation are important.

Cost effective and versatile flooring solution, if a tile is damaged it can be lifted and replaced. Lines provide for a simple means of delineating walkways, QC areas, traffic routes and for zoning areas. With the addition of edging strips, a smooth ramp provides the transition to non tiled areas and permits the use of ‘free standing’ areas of tiled floor.

Fitting is simplicity itself, the specially designed interlock system allows the tiles to securely interlock together like a jigsaw. The only tool required for fitting is a rubber mallet, tiles can be easily cut with a jigsaw allowing for a precision fit around odd shapes.

They also look superb in place – giving a truly professional appearance and assisting in cutting down on dust, noise and providing increased comfort over a painted surface.

Industrial_Trumpf_s corner


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